The Alpha Course is an opportunity to explore the big questions of life. 

Life. Death. Truth. Purpose. God?

One of Jesus' claims was that he came that we might experience life to the full. Alpha provides an opportunity to explore the adventure of Christian faith. Each evening there will be a mix of food, film and group discussion as we look at some of the central claims of the Christian faith and what they could mean for us today.

Whether you have previous experience of the Christian faith, or none at all, Alpha provides a space to challenge, question, learn and share. No question is too simple, too complex, or too hostile. Everyone is welcome, and you’ll be joining over 26 million people worldwide who have already taken part. 

Starting 16th september stc church

Mondays 7:45pm

marston road, clayhall IG5 0LZ

Please use the contact us link for further information