From the warden - August 2022      

I have not put anything out on the website recently but thought it was about time I did.


The last few weeks have seen the story of Archie Battersbee taking centre stage in the news. I not being a parent am not likely to be in that hugely difficult position at any point, but as a child, I do remember how torn I was through my mums illness, as she was diagnosed with MND.

With the Archie story, from the news reports, I am not aware if he was visually showing any sign of pain, or any response to what was going on around him. With my mum you could see a steady failure of her health and wellbeing, her frustration of not being able to do what until her diagnosis would have been classed as “normal”.

This of course tears at everyone’s emotions and yes I desperately wanted mum around an part of my life longer than she was. Seeing her suffering in the way she did made me feel very uncomfortable, and made me question what was the best for her. Are the reasons you want to keep someone “alive” because you love that person well I would hope the answer is yes, but what sort of life would that person have? As individuals we all have our own thoughts and our own beliefs, and I am not pushing any particular agenda.

 I just ask all of us to pray for Archie & his family over the next weeks and months, and for all of those in the NHS who have been caring for him.

Also if you are not that close to some of your family members or “old” friends. I hope this story may trigger you to try and rebuild some sort of relationship with those you haven’t been in contact with for a while either because of covid or because of disagreements that have surfaced within those relationships.

Not a biblical quote but from Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell you don't know what you've got til its gone, I think this can be so true!

For information these are my personal thoughts and this may is not necessarily the theology of the wider StC family.