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From the Warden - May 2023

The last few months have been very busy for me both in the life of Saint Cedds and outside of role of Church Warden. The Church family have decided that I can continue in my role as Church Warden, and looking into the near future the large amount of administration involved so far. I hope will now level off a little.


I am truly grateful for all of our Church family and all the work they put in, to keep Church and all that goes on in the life of the Church, not Just the Sunday morning Worship.


A small team from the church, has  just completed the first element of the MYRIAD church planting training. While StC is “planted”, we hope to have a better understanding of how we can look out into the community, and build or renew links. One of the elements of the MYRIAD training was to create/renew our Mission Statement.

We chose  

The Beacon on the Hill connecting with the Community in the Valley.


This is a work in progress and will follow through and may evolve during the next two years on the Myriad training. I would like to thank the team who have volunteered to become part of the Myriad Training. I think we all enjoyed the weekend (exhausted as we were!) and are looking forward to where  it may lead.We will continue to pray both for the local community issues, and the world a as a whole. If anyone has any questions or prayer requests, please feel free to email at and we will follow these up.We have recently learned that Clayhall Baptist church which is very local to us & we have had some connection with over many years has now closed. Alongside St John Vianney RCC we are now one of only two Christian strongholds in the Clayhall area.

Please note these are my personal thoughts and do not necessarily represent the views of the wider StC family

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