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From the Warden - Dec 2023

This year has been a difficult one for most of us throughout the world, with many complex and complicated situations. At home we now appear to have some respite from covid, but now we have the political backlash as to how it was all handled incorrectly, and the rise in the cost of living.


In the wider world of course we have the continuing conflicts in Ukraine, Syria (which seems to have totally disappeared from the radar) and of course now the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. There is also the ongoing disagreement around the way we in the UK deal with the immigration/Rwanda issue, as well as the Just Stop Oil campaign.  


While we may not be in a position of great  power in the political spectrum , our church is one of openness and welcome,  We have all had different life experiences, so our view of the worlds problems may be different, but these differences allow us to have grown up discussions. Often what starts as a Bible study or  prayer meeting heads off down various routes and we can end up looking at what the Bible says about a particular issue, and how that fits (or not) with our current personal points of view, 


I pray that despite the ongoing bad news, that  you are all able to have some time off over the Christmas break and despite he busyness of  the preparations, you all have a wonderful time. Remember that tiny baby  born over 2000 years ago many, many miles away.


If you are struggling I am sure there will be someone somewhere ready to you the love and support you need.

Please note these are my personal thoughts and do not necessarily represent the views of the wider StC family

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