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During his time on earth, Jesus said more about money than anything else, so it’s pretty important.

As a family we want to contribute to the things we see God doing around here, using some of the resources He’s invested in us to make it happen.


Giving is a critical part of the Christian walk. We believe that God has given us everything we have and that we are responsible for handling those gifts wisely and not giving in to the lie that what we have “belongs” to us. In fact, God doesn’t ask us to give according to what is easy or comfortable, but according to how He leads us by faith. What God can do in and through our giving is a life-changing experience!


why do we give?

God wants our trust and this can be especially difficult when it comes to money and possessions. Instead, we tend to hold on tightly to our money, which shows us where our faith really lies -  in ourselves and not God. Learning to give, frees us from greed and self-sufficiency, giving us a chance to experience God's faithfulness in a very real way.


Malachai 3:10


What is a tithe?

Simply, a “tithe” means a tenth part. Giving a tenth of your income to the church before you do anything else – its what the Bible refers to as “first fruits” – and is an important way to exercise your trust in God's provision. Even if you can't give 10% or more right away, we encourage you to take a step in trusting God by setting another percentage (from 1-9%) that you give each month.


We try to make this process as convenient as possible so that you can give on Sundays during the service. We also have regular giving envelopes and you can even set up a bank transfer each month. Your tithe goes to support church operation and our Missions giving both locally and globally.


ways to give:

There are several ways to give money to God's work at Saint Cedd’s Barkingside. If you are planning to give regularly, please complete a Commitment Form hyperlink to form and return it to us so we know to expect your giving.


1. standing order

This is the way we would encourage you to give.  Not only is this way regular, but it helps the church immensely in setting our budgets. You can set this up directly with your bank – all the details you need are on the Giving form (coming soon).


      bank details

         If you would like to make a bank transfer our bank details are below:

         Bank:                         Barclays
         Account Name:     St Cedd parish church PCC
         Account No:           40015792
         Sort Code:                20-44-22

2. cash/cheque

You can put these in the offering baskets at Sunday gatherings (if you can Gift Aid, see below – please use one of the envelopes provided).


gift aid

If you are a UK tax payer, Gift Aid is a great way of increasing the value of your gift at no additional cost for you. If you identify your giving, the church can claim 25% extra on your gift!

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