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sunday gatherings

what to expect

We want our times together to be welcoming to those who may not be used to church. Our building is not a typical church building so we like to keep things informal and easy going. There’s no dress code or anything special you need when you come along. Not feeling rushed is always a good start, so getting here about 09.50am will give you ample time for one of our welcome team to greet you, to answer any questions you may have and get you settled in. We’re are a small but growing family church and at the heart of our gatherings are people of all ages. So whatever age you are, you are assured of a warm welcome. Our services generally last around 80mins and there is always plenty of free tea and coffee flowing at the end of the service and we’d love you to stay and have a chat so we might get to know you.


We love to worship together in a predominantly contemporary style whilst also savouring the ‘richness’ that some of our traditional hymns provide. We sing songs in blocks together so that we can take the time and space to engage with God through our music and singing. We love being open to the presence of the Holy Spirit in worship and often let him guide us as we sing. The words are projected on screen so everyone can join in. 


prayer and message 

We seek to practice those things that Jesus taught us – so prayer and a relevant Bible-based talk are part of our gatherings. This helps us learn how to live out Jesus’ teachings in the world. Prayer ministry is available during and after our service of worship.

holy communion

In churches around the world and across history, Christians have gathered to share Holy Communion together as a family. It is symbolic of the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples and helps remind us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross, that we might have an eternal life and relationship with God, our heavenly Father. There is both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine available. We welcome anyone who loves and knows Jesus to take communion with us. If you are not sure, or are still working out what you believe, we would love you to come and receive a short prayer of blessing. At the current time we share Holy Communion on various Sundays. The dates for Communion will be noted on our preaching team page in future.

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